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07 May 2008 @ 09:10 pm
Pallu - Green Chia  
Pallu changed color and species today! He/She is now a green chia. Not exactly my favorite neopet, but not my least favorite either. It's all good, but let's keep zapping! I'd like to get Pallu back to being male, if possible. I simply think of him/her that way.

I'll try to get around to making some graphics for this community and get it presentable enough to plead my friends to join. In case you're wondering, Tevi (_Tevi) was moved to my "wanderlings" account so as to free up a spot for zapping orphans once I get Pallu to turn into something I'm happy with. Once I am zapping orphans, ones I'm happy with letting be adopted, I'll move them to my wanderlings account to await loving owners.
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