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sure there's the crazy scientist, but we're not all that sane either!

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A small circle of Neopets users zapping pets both for fun and in hopes of them being adopted.

The group currently consists of just Asaryn, but she hopes to bug a few friends who are zappers into joining. This group is for sharing one's progress in zapping one's neopet, and for also notifying others about lovely neopets open for adoption.

May 01 --Asaryn-- I'm very pleased with the new pound! I love the new transfer feature! For years transferring painted neopets to new accounts has been so terribly risky. Now we can safely ensure who exactly gets a neopet. I wonder if Lutari will allow themselves to be transfered? I know they run away if abandoned in the pound, but if they're assured that they're going to a loving owner or just switching accounts...?